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different sizes of chalk representing working memory
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Enhancing Working Memory and Fluency in the Classroom: The MTC Check and SENCO Strategies

Discover how working memory and fluency are crucial for student success in foundational skills like multiplication. Learn effective strategies to support SEN st... Read more.
SDT can you make it in education
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The End of a Journey: Reflections on My Master’s Degree and Hopes for Change

Completing my Master's degree has been a transformative journey, filled with challenges and insights. From tackling statistical analysis to exploring Self-Deter... Read more.
Abigail Hawkins presenting on SEN future developments
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The Future of SEN & SENCOs with Abigail Hawkins

Abigail Hawkins delves into the future of Special Educational Needs (SEN), discussing systemic changes, challenges with current practices, and the impact of pol... Read more.
Panel of experts discussing strategies for managing SENCO workload
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Balancing the Scale: Expert Strategies for Managing SENCO Workload

This enlightening webinar addresses the escalating workload faced by SENCOs in today's challenging educational landscape. Our panel of experts shares invaluable... Read more.
Autumn 23 SENCO Survey
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The Evolving Challenges of SENCOs: Insights from the SENsible SENCO Autumn 2023 Survey

Explore the evolving challenges faced by Special Educational Needs Coordinators (SENCOs) in the UK education system in our Autumn 2023 survey findings. Gain ins... Read more.
Hamish & Milo Wellbeing Resources
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Hamish and Milo – SEMH, Wellbeing and more for our pupils with SEND

Explore Hamish & Milo Wellbeing Resources—a treasure trove of SEL and SEMH programs, training, and tools for primary-aged children. Empower emotional literacy... Read more.